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Omni Digital is a digital marketing agency in Singapore with an experienced team of marketing experts
and exceptional customer support. Here’s how we help you dominate your competitors
and achieve triple-digit ROI!

One agency - multiple channels

Scale your strategies across different social media channels

A team of experts

Hit your goals faster with an experienced team of experts

Conversion-focus copywriting

Boost your ad conversions with our secret copywriting formulas

Strategy marketing planning

Scale faster with expert advice deep marketing strategy

Data-driven Marketing

Make decisions based on analysis and data, not gut feel & guesswork.

Campaign optimization

Optimise traffic, leads and conversions to earn the highest ROI

4 reasons WHY you need a Facebook marketing agency

9 out of 10 Businesses Don’t Use Social Media Effectively. Are You One of Them?
You don't have time to do it yourself

Setting, managing, and optimizing ad campaigns require a huge amount of time and effort. You can’ simply create an ad and hope it will work. A digital marketing agency can relieve you of that hurdle. By outsourcing the advertising process, you can get more leads and sales while having time to focus on other aspects of your business!

You don't have the necessary tools and experience

If you start a Facebook campaign without consulting an agency, your ad spend is likely going to be higher than what you’ll get back. Marketing agencies like us have the tools and experience needed to get it done quickly and effectively!

Facebook is constantly changing

Change is the only constant variable in the digital marketing world. There’re always new trends, new rules, and new features. Facebook ad agencies can take that burden off your shoulders by doing what they do best: Keep up with the latest trends and create amazing ads that convert!

You want to get faster (and better) results!

Reach your goal faster by investing in people who’ve been in the industry for a long time! You can even expect to see instant results if your Facebook ads are set up by a professional. At Omni Digital, we help brands generate results like nothing they’ve ever seen before! Say goodbye to non-performing Facebook ads!

Imagine working with a Digital Marketing Agency that…

Get your leads and conversions moving with sales funnels that convert like crazy! Our strategies have been tested and proven over years of experience! We’ve been in the FB game for so long - we know the secret!

Our in-house copywriters have developed unique copywriting formulas that make your business shine and skyrocket your conversions! We don’t do hard-sell. We believe in delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time!

Boost ad conversions and exceed your KPIs with proven and tested Facebook marketing strategies. Our Facebook experts will also work hard behind the scene to ensure you get the highest ROI at the lowest cost!

We deliver results! Everything we do has quantifiable KPIs and is aimed to help you achieve one thing only: Breakthrough results! If we can’t beat or improve your results in 30 days, we’ll give you every cent back!

30-Day Refund Guarantee

Unlike other agencies who promise the moon and deliver mediocre results, we back up our words with a guarantee!

We’ll beat your existing ads in 30 days or you can request a full refund of our first month’s fees.

We utilise our experience spending millions of dollars on ads (including our own money), copywriting skills, and a unique system of testing ads to beat our competitors regularly. 

To survive in the ultra-competitive and ever-changing digital marketing world, we stay nimble, humble & hungry to be at the top of our game every single day.


Sales have never been better after I approached Omni Digital. They helped me reach the right target audience. Now I have extra free time when I outsourced my digital marketing to them. Very affordable and good. I will recommend to anyone without any second thoughts. Thank you Omni Digital for your help
- Jupe
Alex is professional and smart. How many marketers do you know is a CFA holder? That means he is analytical and numbers driven to ensure that you get topline and crazy bottomline as well. If you need omni-channel marketing, look for Alex. He is the go-to consultant
- Basil

Types of Facebook Ads

Our team of social media experts will help you develop innovative marketing strategies tailored to your specific media goals!
Awareness Ad

Put your business on the map, increasing reach and online visibility

Lead Generation Ad

Generate quality leads for your business at low costs.

Traffic Ad

Get potential customers to flock to your website and boost your traffic.

Conversion Ad

Scale your business profitably by turning ad clicks into conversions.

Work With a Social Media Agency That Talks Less & Delivers More

Here’re what you get when working with the Omni Digital team

Killer Facebook Ads

Killer Facebook Ads that are managed and optimised by our team of experts! Get 3x more sales and profits with our winning marketing strategies and the best-performing Facebook ads!

Real social media experts

Real social media experts that have run FB ad campaigns for years! We utilise our experience spending millions of dollars on ads (including our own money), copywriting skills, and a unique system of testing ads to beat our competitors.

Winning Marketing Strategies

We’re a full-service agency that excels in paid search and social. We will recommend the best platforms (Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Google ads) with innovative strategies to take your profit to the next level!

100% ROI-Focused

We know you’re looking for one thing only - results! That’s why everything we do has quantifiable KPIs. If we can’t beat or improve your results in 30 days, we’ll give you every cent back!

Insane Copywriting

Insane Copywriting that generates massive leads and skyrockets your conversions! Our in-house copywriters have developed unique copywriting formulas to make your company stand out and crush your competitors!

Attention-Grabbing Visuals

Attention-Grabbing Visuals that bring new life to your Facebook ads and make your audience look twice!

Effective Sales Funnel

Effective Sales Funnel developed by experienced marketing professionals. We’ll take care of every part of your funnel and generate results like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Ready to take your businesses to the next level?

Talk to us and we’ll give you our best strategies and insights

Schedule a free consultation

We will find out more about your business, define your strengths and challenges in your online marketing efforts, and discuss what specific goals you wish to achieve.

Set your business up for success

We’ll show you the key areas we would improve as well as a clear and actionable path to achieve the results you need. We’ll also give you a full overview of our process, so you can gain more clarity and get any questions answered!

Manage your campaigns

Your digital marketing efforts are about to get easier! We’ll handle everything from there, from producing videos, setting up campaigns, managing ad spends to optimising ads and reporting.
Whether your ad spend is $30/day or $30,000/day, we’ll make sure that you get the most out of your marketing budget!

Regular Reporting

Let us do what we do best and get updates on great results. We will report to you regularly while you also have direct access to the team.

Scale your campaigns

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes, from startups to corporates, achieve breakthrough results by scaling their ads. No matter how complex or how large the campaign is, we have the tech and the team to execute it!

If you ever think of growing an online presence on Facebook & Instagram, we should talk.

I have been in the digital marketing game for over 7 years, with experience running paid ads across E-commerce, education, fintech, and service-based businesses. It’s my job to push the boundaries for clients and do whatever it takes to reach and even exceed their goals! 

We pride ourselves on being the best digital agency you’ll ever work with. 

You get an amazing team of top talents working on your campaigns. They’re excellent, honest, and hardworking.

You get engaging TikTok videos and a unique system of testing ads that crush your competitors. 

You get the best-performing ads and the best strategy to skyrocket your revenue and profit.

And you get them risk-free. Because If we can’t beat or improve your results in 30 days, we’ll give you every cent back! We take all the risks because we’re that confident! 

Talk to us today and accelerate your growth in 30 Days or Less! 😎

Who is this for?

  • Businesses that invested in digital marketing but didn’t see any results.
  • Businesses that have little or no growth (or feel that they could have had a much higher growth rate)
  • Businesses that are tired of working with agencies who make big promises and deliver nothing.
  • Businesses that want to get a consistent stream of leads and revenue through high-level paid ads
  • Businesses that want to crush the competition and achieve double or triple-digit ROI!
Sounds like your company?


What includes in the Facebook ad package?

Our services include everything you need to run effective Facebook ad campaigns, including

  • In-depth audit
  • Facebook advertising strategy
  • Copywriting and visuals
  • Campaign monitoring and optimisation where required
  • Weekly report on campaign
  • WhatsApp chat support
How much do I need to spend on Facebook ads?
The budget will vary depending on the number of campaigns needed and at what scale you want to run on. We recommend…
Can we do the PPC campaigns?
Yes, you can run PPC ads on Facebook to find new leads or drive more traffic, and sales. Omni Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps businesses accelerate their growth through paid search and social. We can also recommend the best platforms to run PPC ads (Facebook, Youtube, Google) to take your ROI to the next level!
What’s the typical contract length?

We would recommend an ads budget of a least $2000/mth to start.

How quickly can we start?
How about right now? Call us on +65 89331663 or book a free consultation.